Industrial biotechnology - changing the industrial agenda

Novozymes is a biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production. We are committed to changing the very foundations of our industrial system for the better by using industrial biotechnology.

As the world leader in bioinnovation we believe that by using industrial biotechnology we can potentially re-engineer thousands of everyday products to deliver enhanced sustainability performance, introducing energy cost savings, and decreased raw material costs for our customers. It is a compelling proposition, but one backed by strong evidence:

Industrial biotechnology shapes the business of today and tomorrow

Novozymes’ biosolutions enable everything from the removal of trans fats in food to advancements in renewable energy sources. Our never-ending exploration of nature’s potential is evidenced by over 6,000 patents – an indication of what is possible when nature and technology join forces in biotechnology, and we are continuously and proactively seeking partners to license or inlicense patents within our interest areas.
Our 6,200+ employees working in research, production, and sales around the world are committed to shaping the businesses of today and the world of tomorrow.


World leader in industrial enzymes

The enzyme production leaves Novozymes with a global enzyme market share of 48% (estimated).
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