Financial reports

Novozymes reports financial results each quarter. Below you can access the quarterly reports for the last five years and on your left you find the annual reports.

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​Apr. 23, 2015 Group financial statement Q1 2015​ ​      EN      DK
On the day of the release, investors are invited to participate in a conference call. The conference call can be accessed live at our conference call site


Previous financial reports
Date ​Event ​Announcement PDF.jpeg
​2013.01.21 ​Group financial statement Q4 2012​ EN DK
2012.10.25​ ​Group financial statement Q3 2012 EN DK
2012.08.16​ Group financial statement Q2 2012​ EN DK
2012.04.25​​ Group financial statement Q1 2012​​ EN DK
Date ​Event ​Announcement PDF.jpeg
2012.01.19​ ​Group financial statement Q4 2011 EN DK
2011.10.28​ ​Group financial statement Q3 2011 EN DK
2011.08.11​ ​Group financial statement Q2 2011 EN DK
2011.04.29​​ Group financial statement Q1 2011​​ EN  DK
​Date ​Event ​Announcement PDF.jpeg
2011.01.21​​ Group financial statement Q4 2010​​ EN DK
2010.10.28​​ Group financial statement Q3 2010​​​ EN DK
​2010.08.12​ Group financial statement Q2 2010​​ EN DK
​2010.04.29​​ ​​Group financial statement Q1 2010​​ EN DK
Date ​Event ​Announcement PDF.jpeg
​2010.01.21 ​Group financial statement Q4 2009 EN DK
2009.10.28​ ​Group financial statement Q3 2009​ EN DK
2009.08.13​ ​​Group financial statement Q2 2009 EN DK
2009.04.29 Group financial statement Q1 2009 EN DK
Date ​Event ​Announcement PDF.jpeg
​2014.01.21 ​Group financial statement Q4 2013 ​​EN DK
2013.10.25​ Group financial statement Q3 2013​ EN DK
2013.08.09 Group financial statement Q2 2013​ EN DK
2013.04.25​​ Group financial statement Q1 2013​​ EN DK
Date ​Event ​Announcement PDF.jpeg
2015.01.20 G​roup financial statement Q4 2014 ​​EN DK
2014.10.23 Group financial statement Q3 2014 EN DK
2014.08.14 Group financial statement Q2 2014 EN​ DK​
2014.04.24 Group financial statement Q1 2014​​ EN​ DK