Spokespersons & Executive Leadership Team at Novozymes

Whether you need a comment on recent news or insight into our business areas, Novozymes’ spokespeople are always available to the media.

Journalists should please contact our global media team to get in touch.
Executive Leadership Team   Expert spokespersons
Peder Holk Nielsen
President and CEO

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Claus Fuglsang
Vice President BioEnergy R&D

Claus is heading Novozymes’ research in BioEnergy. His team is responsible for developing the first commercial enzymes for turning agricultural waste into biofuel.

Per Falholt
Executive Vice President, Research & Development

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Claus Stig Pedersen
Senior Director, Head of Sustainability Development

Claus is an expert on sustainability. He helps our clients and partners make their business more sustainable by using Novozymes’ products.
Andrew Fordyce
Executive Vice President, Business Operations

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Cynthia Bryant
Director, Business Development and Marketing, Household Care Division

Cynthia heads Novozymes’ business in the household care industry. She helps our customers meet the cleaning needs of today and tomorrow.

Benny D. Loft
Executive Vice President and CFO

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Peter Rosholm
Vice President Novozymes Biopharma

Peter is responsible for Novozymes’ Biopharma business, developing safe biological ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thomas Nagy
Executive Vice President, Supply Operations

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Sebastian Søderberg
Vice President Biomass Conversion
Sebastian is responsible for developing Novozymes’ business to the biomass conversion industry, the company’s biggest growth bet.
Thomas Videbæk
Executive Vice President, Business Development

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Trevor Thiessen
Vice President BioAg

Trevor is responsible for the strategy and direction of Novozymes’ BioAg business worldwide.

Peter Faaborg-Andersen
Global Marketing Director, Techinal Industries

Peter is heading Novozymes’ business in the Technical Industries. He and his team work to provide high-quality sustainability solutions for textiles, leather and wastewater.