Novozymes launches new high-performance amylase

Termamyl®Ultra 300 L is a new high-performance amylase for improving the detergency of liquid detergents. Termamyl Ultra significantly improves the stability of liquid detergent formulations compared to conventional amylases.

12. June 2002
Termamyl Ultra 300 L is a new improved amylase for liquid detergents. Amylases are the detergent?s weapon against starch. Stains from starchy food such as rice, potatoes and pasta may not be easily visible, but they attract dirt. The starch acts as a kind of glue which binds particulate soil to the surface. It tends to spread in the laundry and act as a strong dirt binder resulting in a less satisfactory wash. Amylases degrade the starch and thus remove stains and improve the overall wash result.
A problem with previous amylases has been difficulty in obtaining sufficient storage stability in some liquid detergents, which meant that calcium chloride needed to be added to increase the stability.
Novozymes has now solved this problem with the introduction of the new amylase Termamyl Ultra 300 L. This high-performance enzyme has significantly improved stability in most liquid detergent formulations compared to the existing product, Termamyl 300 L. The addition of calcium chloride can be reduced or even omitted.
Novozymes expects the introduction of Termamyl Ultra 300 L to increase the use of amylase in heavy-duty liquid detergents and hence the popularity of this product with the consumer.
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