Agriculture – Feeding tomorrow’s world

As the agricultural industry faces pressure to produce more than ever before with less strain on the environment, Novozymes is developing unique solutions that bring the industry - and the world - closer to this goal.

According to UN researchers, demand for agricultural output is projected to grow by at least 70% by 2050. This means that farmers will need to produce more food in the next 40 years than they have in the last 10,000 years combined. At the same time, people are increasingly becoming aware of sustainable farming practices as the key to meeting the world’s agricultural demands far into the future.

Growing more with less
Novozymes has been an integral part of the move toward sustainable farming over the last few decades and will play an even greater role in the future. In December 2013, Novozymes and Monsanto established the BioAg Alliance, with an aim to deliver a comprehensive research, development and commercial collaboration that can benefit of agriculture, consumers, the environment and society at large.
Enzymatic pesticides and microbial yield and fertility enhancers help farmers to enjoy healthier crops and higher yields, with some solutions improving the availability and prudent management of nonrenewable phosphate fertilizer. In the field of animal nutrition, phytase, xylanase/amylase, and protease enzymes make it possible to enhance the digestibility and nutritional value of animal feed, all while minimizing environmental impact. Our bioinnovative solutions are also essential to aquaculture, where they help maintain healthy water conditions and combat the common problems associated with intensive aquaculture. 

Competitive and future-proof

Not only do our agricultural solutions help ensure that our customers remain competitive, they also ensure that modern farming practices are sophisticated enough to provide for future generations.