Food & Beverages – Partner to transform the quality and sustainability of food and beverages

The way food and beverages are produced has always been changing, our goal is to accelerate that evolution for the better – making better food available to more people around the world.

We see each value chain as an opportunity and each step within it as a target for biological innovation. As consumer needs change, so must the definition of quality. We help our customers get out ahead of changing demand. At the same time, we help them achieve flexibility and efficiency.
Together with partners, we are driving the change that transforms the quality and sustainability of food and beverages.
Quality you can trust
Novozymes Quality IconFrom the time a new idea is born to when it’s an integrated part of your process, we continue to monitor our products. We provide safe production strains, and assessed and approved raw materials – under strict, controlled processes that have full traceability. We monitor and comply with local and global food legislation, and pursue key international food safety and quality certifications, so you and your customers can feel confident.
When you choose to partner with us, you gain access to the latest innovations from the largest enzyme R&D group in the world. Our experts and facilities are available to support you, and we are committed to ensure safety and quality.