Brewing with enzymes

Novozymes' brewing solutions reduce costs, accelerate production processes and achieve consistently high beer quality while combining profitability with sustainability.


By enabling flexible raw material use and lowering energy consumption, enzymes are a tool for breweries to reach their strategic business goals. Novozymes’ brewing solutions offer new opportunities to secure processes that are right the first time, that enable the creation of tasty and inviting brews for beer lovers around the world.

Our solutions cover a wide range of brewing applications:

Optimize your process

Throughout the brewing process there are many opportunities to optimize without compromising quality. We offer a variety of solutions that ensure your processes are right the first time and assist you in finding excellent new ways to utilize your capacity. At the same time, we can help you save energy and water – no matter which raw materials you’re using.

Optimize your profits

Enzymes are much more than a process aid and can also become a strategic tool. For example, enzymes make it possible to utilize local raw materials, which can not only reduce your input costs but can also support the local economy. Enzymes give you the flexibility to rethink the brewing process, including in regions where alternative local raw materials present tough processing challenges.

Optimize your products

Enzymes make it possible to efficiently produce a variety of great-tasting
beers and other cereal-based beverages. Collaborate with us to explore the possibilities for current product optimization and new product development.