Leather – Refining industry processes through bioinnovation

The leather industry is facing ever-increasing demands for quality, reliability, sustainability, and process optimization. For over 50 years Novozymes has been producing bioinnovative solutions for the leather industry to overcome these challenges.

Turning raw leather into finished goods involves multiple processes in which manufacturers attempt to optimize quality and yield while reducing costs and environmental pollution.

Novozymes’ safe-to-use, innovative, and high-quality products enable tanneries save time, money, and energy by reducing or eliminating the need for high-consumption and polluting production processes. Our customers also gain independence from price-fluctuating petrochemical technology and enjoy a more stable foundation for costs.

Evolution through forward thinking

Novozymes has been rethinking leather manufacturing processes for half a century to make them more economically viable and more environmentally friendly for our customers. By looking ahead we the leather industry employ solutions that ensure success today and tomorrow.

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