Pulp & Paper – Nurturing a greener industry

The pulp and paper industry is challenged by manufacturing processes that have traditionally required large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals. Novozymes’ solutions save resources and costs while improving the quality, performance, and appearance.

Enzymes augment many of the processes at the mills with less effort and better results. That means savings in electricity, water, and harsh chemicals, thereby reducing environmental impacts and providing cost savings for pulp and paper mills. 
Stay one step ahead
Responsible water consumption is becoming a subject that we treat with the same vigor as alternative energy or global warming issues. Clean water is an irreplaceable natural resource, and new legislation is emerging within most industries. Our solutions help our customers make these changes in advance and stay ahead of the market.
Increasing demand for quality recycled products
Novozymes’ enzymes for pulp and paper production have significantly improved the quality of paper and board produced from recovered fiber – recycled products in other words. Compared to conventional production of recycled products, the use of enzymes is more eco-friendly and more profitable. Eco-conscious consumers are continuously demanding more recycled products, and the demand will only increase as the recycled products get better. Novozymes helps our customers get a share of this growing market and achieve a green and sustainable image.