Textiles – Tailoring a better industry

Higher production costs, demand for quality, more efficient use of resources, and environmental legislation present challenges for the textile industry. Novozymes helps mills and laundries improve operations by providing revolutionary products.

The fabric of change

More than 60 years ago Novozymes was the first to market with enzymatic solutions for processing textiles. Drawing on our substantial experience and strong competencies in R&D and customer solutions, we continue to deliver highly effective products while offering our partners unmatched support in the use of enzymes for wet-processing textiles. Our solutions can decrease dependence on chemicals, lower consumption of energy and water, and bring down costs – all while maintaining superior product quality.

Multifaceted benefits

Through innovative enzyme products and services, Novozymes helps manufacturers gain competitive advantages and make use of unique opportunities to stay ahead of industry trends. That is how we contribute to creating a better industry and world.