Sustainability pays

Placing sustainability at the top of your business agenda is not only the right thing to do – it also makes good business sense.

Business and sustainability 

More than 60 years before words like ‘sustainability’ or ‘green products’ started to catch on, Novozymes was delivering biosolutions that provided our customers with stronger profits, consumers with better products and countries with less pollution. We didn’t call it sustainability, but we took pride in the fact that our products helped increase raw material efficiency and reduce energy consumption in factories around the world.


 Sustainability in history - and at Novozymes


Today, the fact that our products are more sustainable than traditional processes has become a key part of Novozymes' value proposition. And tomorrow, we are certain that sustainability in business will be even more important for our customers. 

What’s in it for our customers

Using Novozymes’ biosolutions, our customers save costs and reduce the environmental impact of their production by reducing the need for raw materials, substituting chemicals and improving product quality. Learn more about how our customers benefit from our solutions.

What’s in it for the world

We live in a time when resources are becoming scarce, populations and consumption are growing, and climate change and food security are growing concerns. Novozymes’ biosolutions help the world achieve more efficient use of raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and help build a greener economy. Learn more about how the world can benefit from our solutions.

How we make Novozymes more sustainable

At Novozymes we have focus on sustainability in our operations that matches the remarkable effect that our products provide to our customers and the world. We aim at sustainability leadership in everything we do. Learn more about how we make our operations more sustainable.

Best sustainable practices and sustainability leadership

Novozymes is at the forefront of developing and integrating sustainability practices into our core business. We share our expertise in sustainable practices and how to make sustainability strategies with our customers as part of our overall solution offering. Learn more about how we integrate sustainability in what we do.



 Communication on progress


 Reducing our CO2 emissions