Green economy: World benefits from our more sustainable solutions

By using biotechnology, we can pave the way for a green economy with more sustainable growth. Novozymes’ biosolutions already make up an important piece of the solutions for a more sustainable world.

We live at a time when resources are becoming scarce, populations and consumption are growing, and climate change and food security are growing concerns on the political agenda. The need for more sustainable solutions and green growth is obvious. Novozymes’ biosolutions help the world achieve more efficient use of raw materials, reduce energy consumption, strengthen food and energy security, replace traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives, and offer higher-quality products.

More sustainable business solutions for a green economy

Our solutions help address some of the biggest challenges facing the world today:
  • The biobased economy - a green economy:

    Plants and waste are powerful resources – and by applying biotechnology to the separate components of plants and waste we can help produce the products that we need from infinite resources - potentially fulfilling local needs for food, feed and energy at the same time Read more..
  • Enabling industrial resource efficiency:

    By offering more sustainable biotechnology solutions, we help our customers produce more from less, thereby reducing consumption of the world’s resources Read more..
  • Mitigation of climate change:

    By applying our biological solutions, our customers helped save a total of 48 million tons of CO2 in 2012, equivalent to the emissions of more than 17 million average European cars a year Read more..

The sustainability of biotechnology – a matter of fact

Novozymes’ solutions make it possible to decouple economic growth from pollution and resource consumption, and thereby ensure green growth for the world. Read the facts in our LCA section.