How to integrate sustainability

Novozymes has anchored, integrated and organized sustainabiity in-house through a Sustainability Board and a Corporate Sustainability Department.

To support the ongoing integration of sustainability into all relevant business practices, we have established a cross-functional Corporate Sustainability Board.

Integrating sustainability with a Sustainability Board

Our Sustainability Board (SB) consists of high-level representation from all key functions, reporting directly to Novozymes’ Executive Management.

Novozymes' sustainability setup
The SB is responsible for the development of Novozymes’ sustainability strategy and targets combining the functional business strategies with stakeholder insights. The SB is our vehicle for integrating sustainability both in high level-decisions and into our day-to-day business activities. Members are Vice Presidents from key functions such as R&D, Sales and marketing and Finance.

How to integrate sustainability

To help facilitate the anchoring and integration of of sustainability in the business, the Corporate Sustainability Department assists the SB in the development and implementation of Novozymes’ corporate sustainability strategy. The department comprises specialists in the fields of social responsibility, human rights, ethics, environment, and life cycle assessment. We also have regional sustainability managers in China, the United States, Brazil and India.​