CEO commitment and leadership

Statement of continued support 2011 by Steen Riisgaard.

By the end of 2011, we passed a total of 7 billion people globally. A general wealth increase and rapidly developing economies in emerging markets together with slow economic recovery in the US and Europe will lead to shifts in global consumption patterns and in global power balances. While we are optimistic about the opportunities this offers and the positive effect these will have on people’s lives, we also foresee more pressure on resources, for example from increasing production, consumption, and transportation.

Sustainable solutions here today

“We need to use existing technologies to produce more with less, which is exactly what Novozymes’ solutions make possible. Biotechnology enables us to decouple growth from the use of natural resources, as our solutions save energy and raw materials, and reduce waste. By being innovative and delivering valuable solutions based on industrial insight, we can help our customers change the world while simultaneously growing our business profitably."

Radical innovation for tomorrow

"Bioinnovation is demanding in itself, but as both a business and individuals we also need to challenge ourselves in other areas. In 2011, we looked at how we address social responsibility and announced how we had embarked on a food–energy venture in Mozambique where we will use biotechnology to help unlock the enormous potential of agriculture in the developing world. It is expected to be a scalable and replicable project that provides a return on our investment, and goes to show that social development is not necessarily dependent on government funding. The world needs radical innovation to change, and this is one way we can help build a better world while developing our business.”
The Novozymes Report 2011, CEO statement

UN LEAD responsibilities add credibility to Novozymes’ ambition

gc_lead_logo.pngNovozymes has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2001 which has served as a valuable source of inspiration in our work on integrating and advancing sustainable development across regions and business functions. Accordingly, we have participated in several UN working groups and task forces such as the GC Working Group on Caring for Climate, and GC Task Force on Sustainable Energy for All, and we see these memberships contributing significantly to the advancement of our targets and development ambitions.
This year, we joined Global Compact’s leadership platform, LEAD, which provides a unique opportunity for demonstrating global leadership and joining forces with other leading companies to realize our ambition to drive the world toward sustainability.
For additional information and data on Novozymes’ sustainability performance and ambitions, please refer to The Novozymes Report 2011, and our GRI report or elsewhere at our website.
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Steen Riisgaard, President & CEO